LSM also strives to be a full partner through contacts in the advertising, promotional clothing, promotional items, displays, store fixtures and displays with the following collaborations and partners:

  • Blå Vision AB


    A tricky word to spell; engagement. There are several words for engagement: dedication, commitment, devotion.
    All these words convinces us just how worthy and important engagement is for an optimal cooperation. And we do succeed in our daily effort. Effort, just as important to us. To achieve genuine and lasting results!

    We are committed and an idea-driven advertising agency that focuses on creative solutions for both B2B and B2C.  Our curiosity runs us to jump right into the water pool instead of running around it, and we enjoy it! You can tell, both by our results and in us – maybe that is why we became The Best Agency of Sweden 2005. Anyway, our story began in Malmö in 1998 and today we’re also situated in Stockholm.    
    We are a careful composed and well functioning team with a wide range of competence although there are times we choose to contact our large network to hand over to expertise.

    We compose our team to optimize each and every project.
    As said before, to achieve genuine and lasting results. 
An insight that benefits both our customers and us.

  • New Wave Myshkin


    New Wave was born 25 years ago and the business concept is to offer the Swedish promotional market a powerful, long-term and reliable partner. And we have succeeded.

    Today, our promotional concept is the heart in a multinational business and proven its commercial value in 13 countries. But we are still located in Dingle, where it all started and we work every day to become an even more powerful supplier for our Swedish homemarket. In every level. Try us!

  • Media Display AB

    30 years of collective experience…

    MediaDisplay  is young, concerning age of our organisation but refer to our experience and competence we are a lot older, more than 30 years.  Situated near Malmö and Stockholm we sell displays, in-store equipment and screens.

    Confidently we can say that we deliver good products for goods prices on the right time.
    We have our own production but we also work with partners carefully selected around the world.

    It makes us more efficient and allows us to constantly develop.  
    So if you need help with a prototype or a larger series – we can help you in the best possible way, because we only want satisfied  customers.  

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